David Hasselhoff’s Daughters Are All Grown Up

David Hasselhoff
David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff is one of the most well-known American television actors. Born in 1952, “The Hoff” gained recognition for his roles on The Young and the Restless and Knight Rider early in his career.

In 1989, David starred on the show Baywatch. Although it was cancelled after one season, David knew there was more potential, so he revived it himself, serving as executive producer and actor. Today, the show remains what he is best known for, but David’s career has spanned many realms of Hollywood.

David Hasselhoff
David Hasselhoff

Between 1984 and 1989, David was married to Catherine Hickland. After their divorce, David married Pamela Bach. Together, they had two daughters, Taylor Ann and Hayley, born in 1990 and 1992, respectively.

In 2006, Pamela and David got a divorce.
Today, Taylor and Hayley are all grown up. Taylor is a real estate agent in LA, and Hayley is working as an actress and plus-size model. They’ve both been hugely successful in their careers.

Take a look at David Hasselhoff’s stunning daughters in the pictures below!
David Hasselhoff is one of the biggest stars out there — he’s had a huge career in Hollywood.

Recently, he appeared on Dancing With the Stars and The Celebrity Apprentice Australia, and he had a major role in Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

When David and Pamela Bach were married, they welcomed two daughters.
Taylor Ann was born May 5, 1990, and Hayley was born August 26, 1992.
They were absolutely adorable little girls, and they loved spending time with each other and their parents.

As kids, Hayley and Taylor even visited their famous dad on-set from time to time!
Now Taylor and Hayley are all grown up and living successful adult lives. Although they could have followed their father’s footsteps into the acting world, Taylor chose to go into real estate, and Hayley went into modeling.

Despite the fact that they’re real adults now, Taylor and Hayley still love spending time with their dad.

Taylor, who was once just a little girl trailing behind her famous father, is now a very successful residential and commercial real estate agent.

#Realtay is coming to the big screen in 2019 💋 #RealEstate

Taylor keeps her Instagram updated with all of her latest real estate listings, showing off some of the most beautiful homes in Los Angeles.

She also recently shared that her real estate business, RealTay, will be “coming to the big screen in 2019.”
Little sister Hayley is also making a name for herself — as a model and actress.
In 2007, when Hayley was only 14, she started modelling professionally.
Hayley was signed with Wilhelmina Models earlier in her career, and now she’s signed with Ford Models.

Both of these modelling agencies are among the most influential in the industry.
Although Hayley is a plus-size model, she just sees herself as normal.
She really embraces her appearance and wants others to feel confident in their own bodies, too.
It’s clear from her pictures that she loves her dad and likes to pay homage to him in her photos.
Just look at her posing next to a life preserver here. Doesn’t it make you think of David’s Baywatch days?

It’s obvious that David is ridiculously proud of both of his daughters.
Even though they grew up in the spotlight, it’s clear that they have good heads on their shoulders.

Hayley may only be in her mid-20s, but she’s definitely following in her successful dad’s footsteps.

She’s a beautiful girl, both inside and out.

Did you have any idea that David Hasselhoff’s daughters were so grown up now?
We can’t wait to see what they do with the rest of their careers!
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