Sportscaster Thanks Stranger Who Sent Him Notes

Remove term: Sportscaster Thanks Stranger Sportscaster Thanks Stranger
Remove term: Sportscaster Thanks Stranger Sportscaster Thanks Stranger

Sportscaster Thanks Stranger Who Sent Him Year’s Worth Of Uplifting Notes After Losing His Wife

Simon Thomas is a British sports presenter who describes himself as, “some bloke who has always loved capturing life,” according to his Instagram.

However, something devastating recently happened to Simon and his family. Now, he describes the photos he shares on social media have “taken on a much deeper, more poignant meaning.”

Simon lost his beloved wife Gemma in November of 2017. She was only 40 years old, and her death was anything but expected for Simon or his 8-year-old son, Ethan.

Gemma went to the doctor with flu-like symptoms but was simply sent home for bed rest. Sadly, Gemma’s ailment was not flu-related, but rather a case of undetected leukaemia that was past the point of no return.

The wife and mother passed away just four days after being sent home to rest. Needless to say, the loss was overwhelming for both Simon and Ethan. Luckily, a series of notes are helping get them through this hard time.

Remove term: Sportscaster Thanks Stranger Sportscaster Thanks Stranger
Remove term: Sportscaster Thanks Stranger Sportscaster Thanks Stranger

Photo: Instagram 1, 2 / simonjthomassky

Since Gemma’s passing, Simon has been extremely open about his difficulty coming to terms with his wife’s death.
However, he knows that he has to set a good example and stay strong for their son Ethan, who is also suffering.
Simon decided to do something special for his son, to remind him that he’s still just as loved and supported without his mom around anymore.
To do this, Simon started writing Ethan what he calls “snack notes.”
They’re just little notes of encouragement that Simon placed in Ethan’s lunchbox, but it makes a world of a difference.
This one reads:
Remember my boy — even when you’re feeling sad #TeamThomas never gives up! I love you
Daddy xxx
It’s a new week with lots of different challenges. You were AMAZING last week, you’ll be amazing this week!
I love you, Daddy xxx
After a few months of snack notes posts, Simon received something unexpected in the mail — this time for him.
He explains:
Today’s #snacknote is a bit different. Since Gemma went I have been so moved by the support and messages I get from people on here, people I haven’t even met, yet people who care about me and what I’m going through. A guy called Dan Ritchie, who I have yet to meet (but will) had seen my notes for Ethan and felt I needed some too, to encourage me and help me keep going when I feel like giving up. So he’s written me a daily note too – for every single day of the coming year! That’s #lightinthedarkness right there.

The act of kindness was not taken lightly by Simon or any of his followers on Instagram who has been following his and Ethan’s progress through this dark time.
One user rightfully points out:
This is 1 of the nicest thing I have ever seen somebody do. How thoughtful for this man to do this for somebody he has never met. How wonderful is our generation, truly loving to each other. I’m moved beyond words. Stay strong Simon.

Letters are just some of the ways people have shown their support for Simon.
Simon has also set up a JustGiving page to help raise money for Maggie’s Centres, a charity that lends support to those affected by cancer. It has received hundreds of contributions, that will help others in the same situation.

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